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People dreamed about controlling their home appliances sitting in one place in the past and wondered if it would actually be true in the future. Well, guess what? needless to say, it is true! Home automation isn’t a part of the future anymore, it's here. You can actually turn off the kitchen lights sitting in your bedroom watching a movie. It is a very appropriate example of using technology in its best way to make our life easier. Home automation allows you to control all your home appliances with one device from anywhere. It works using Artificial intelligence (AI) which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.


Though it’s not a very recent concept, people are not aware of it as it was only being used in large commercial projects, but now it has entered the domestic world. People have started using it at home for a number of tasks such as turning on light or turning it off, alarms, answering doors, security and so much more. Basically in home automation, each item has an assigned IP address through which they can be controlled using only one device such as your smartphone or any device that can be connected to the local wifi.


Home automation is a cost-friendly system that will make your home a smart home!

You can not only control your house in real-time but also schedule operations for whenever you want them to occur, which is good for security reasons too, for example, you can program it to turn on the lights as soon as the security alarm rings!

So let’s make our homes smart homes with the help of home automation and make our lives easier!