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Catchy phrases are short but attractive slogans used by brands to let the customer know about them in a creative and effective way. It is excessively used for marketing. 

It is said that a thoughtful and creative slogan sticks with customers for a longer time, which means that the customers remember it for a longer span of time, which is very beneficial for a company as a slogan is a part of brand identity and recognition! 

The slogan should be friendly too as it indirectly builds a comfortable environment for the customer and therefore adds on to good customer relations which would definitely benefit the company as well as customers! 

Every brand has a unique slogan that reminds its customers of the brand every time they listen to it, for example, ‘just do it’ for Nike or 'think different' for apple and so many more. These are pretty simple slogans yet have been very effective for their respective brands.

Another thing to remember here is that slogans always reflect your brand, products, services, and all the factors revolving around it, so it needs to tone with the vibe of the brand and the experience the customers will achieve if they connect with it. For instance, Mcdonald's has its slogan as I'm lovin' it, which depicts how the customers will feel after trying them out, we can see how creatively they informed their customers the impact their products can have on them.


Finding a perfect slogan for your brand that matches all the above requirements can be a tricky and time taking job but it's absolutely worth it and can do wonders, so let's pull out the artist in ourselves and look for the best slogans for our brands!