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Marketing refers to the series of measures a company takes in order to boost the buying or selling of their product or services. These measures should be well thought and designed in order to fulfill the desired goal. The success of marketing strategies depends on a large variety of elements. 

One of the primary elements is, ‘color’. Defining a quintessential color scheme is very crucial as colors have been a popular and very powerful determinant of human behavior and can communicate a lot more than we can think of. 


If you were to start an ad campaign to promote your company you will have to choose colors very wisely because the ad campaign that you are designing will be the first impression portrayed of your company, to the potential customers and as we all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


While deciding the color scheme for a company one should look for shades that complement their products and keep in mind what their target audience is.




Wondering how to find the perfect combination of colors? The solution is the color wheel.

The color wheel theory has been very popular amongst designers and artists since the beginning of time to find the perfect shades and their best combinations. It is a very simple theory and this is how it goes, So basically the color wheel, designed by Sir Isaac Newton,  comprises of 3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow), secondary colors (green, orange, purple), and 6 tertiary colors (eg. blue-green, red-violet). If you draw a line through the center of the color wheel, it would separate the warm shades (like reds and oranges)

From warm shades (like blues and greens). This is what it looks like.



As you can see the warm tones are on the right side and the cool tones are on the left.


Now, let’s see how the color wheel help us find out the perfect color scheme,



As you can see in the image above there are many color schemes that can help you determine which shade will compliment the color you have chosen to be the star of your company. 

If you want to know more about color schemes, check the link below.


So start mixing and matching!