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what is all the buzz about buzz marketing?

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Going viral? Nah, it’s not about that. Going viral using some tactics for a short time and then it getting backfired is not a very effective way to put your word out! 

Then what exactly is buzz marketing?

As the name suggests, it is all about generating the buzz. It focuses on the ‘word of mouth' form of marketing, generating the buzz refers to getting people to talk about you! It is different from the concept of ‘going viral’. It’s not just about becoming the talk of the town but actually making your brand worthy of the buzz. 


Word of mouth marketing is actually a very organic and trusted form of marketing and therefore it fetches effective results, online reviews, relatives, friends, or peers, any suggestion from any of them is considered a part of this technique. 


Creating the buzz is not a very easy job. Everything has its two sides. You do not have to go overboard with it, it can cause serious damage to the reputation of your brand. So as to become the talk of the town, many brands jump to the so-called ‘trending’ topics for their marketing campaign, this can definitely make you the talk of the town but for a different reason and thus cause damage to your brand.


How to create the buzz?


If you wish to spark conversations about your brand you need to explore the unbeaten path, which means, doing something different, thinking out of the box, and unique. That is what will get you there.


There are many ways to get where you wish to but here are some of the most effective,




Humour attracts. There can’t be a debate about it. Memes, the obsession of gen Z has taken over the world of the internet, forwarding memes to friends is one of the favorite activities for us these days. Meme culture has seen a rise in their graphs since the past few years and this is big enough proof that humor attracts. If this is so, then why not use it for marketing? Create hilarious campaigns which people can forward to their friends and family. What’s better than making people laugh and promote yourself at the same time?


Breaking the dogma


Gone are the days when pink was for girls and blue for boys, we have way too many shades, tints, tones, etc. for that. Trust me, it’s hard to decide. 

You need to break the dogma or the ‘beliefs’ people have been holding for so long. 

Women wear men’s clothes, how about men in skirts? That is breaking the dogma.

Why is a bike considered a masculine object? Girls can ride it too. This will allow you to be different and hit a different road, though you do not have to be ‘too much' with it, do not get in the hands of controversies.




Relatable campaigns have been found to be a very effective way of marketing and attracting new customers, make the campaign about what the customer expects from you and show them that you are here to serve that. For this to work, it is very crucial to know your customers. For example, if you are promoting a sports shoe brand, you need to let people know that you understand their needs and therefore are here to save them from all the difficulties, let them relate to them. 


These are some of the spheres to keep in mind for your campaigns!

Now you are good to go and buzz!!!