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Whenever someone lands on your website they have a lot of expectations.


Let's dive into their perspective,


User-friendly interface.  

they might have landed there through search engines in search of your products or services, they might have already searched a lot of websites before yours but were not satisfied, there can be numerous cases but what all of them want in common is a user-friendly interface. Someone surfing your website should be able to locate all the services you provide and contact you with ease.


Availability of maximum information

Another thing they want is the availability of maximum information. Your audience will turn into your customer only when they know about you and how you can benefit them. Giving customers the maximum information about their queries with ease will help them eliminate the fog and see your brand clearly. One thing to remember here is that in order to provide maximum information you do not have to make it a scrapyard, providing precise amounts of information is the way to go!


Review and feedback

If someone has landed on your website for the first time and is impressed by your products they would want to see how your existing customers have benefited from them and what do they feel about it, so for that, there should be a review and feedback column where your customers can write about their experiences with you which will give your new customers a clearer view.

Following all these factors are the basics of what your website should consist of in order to serve a good experience for your customers, if you want to know more about attracting customers, check out my blog, 'How can I use animations to make my website more attractive'